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Search Engine Nonprofit Newswire Born in Lakewood, Ohio


Nonprofit Newswire, a worldwide search engine, got its start more than 10 years ago in Lakewood, Ohio using “old technology” like fax machines to distribute its nonprofit clients’ press releases to local and national media outlets, around the clock.

Today, members of the media, academics and charity researchers access Nonprofit Newswire exclusively online. And they do so 24/7 from every time zone, quickly accessing the latest news releases, media advisories and event announcements issued by nonprofits, charities and associations of all sizes.

Because the economy continues to be challenging for nonprofit groups, Nonprofit Newswire recently extended the freeze on its $55 annual dues for new and renewing members, keeping dues at 2008-09 levels.  Membership includes unlimited press releases in the search engine.  Nonprofit groups, their partners, sponsors or underwriters qualify.

If you’re a nonprofit cause or sponsor one, now would be an excellent time to join Nonprofit Newswire by clicking their logo…

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