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LAKEWOOD, Ohio — Winchester Music Hall for Sale, Browns Draft Pick Johnny “Football” Manziel, Bicyclists, Sin and Income Taxes, Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo, Cleveland Clinic, Favorite Local Restaurants, and Lakewood Hospital are among the top Community Forum topics on the Buzz.

The possibility that the Cleveland Clinic — which operates Lakewood Hospital through an agreement with the City of Lakewood — could move some or all hospital operations to Crocker Park in Westlake may seem remote. But some residents aren’t so sure. Recently, Beck Center for the Arts seriously considered moving to Crocker Park, until the City of Lakewood delivered a financial subsidy of around $100,000 to keep Beck from leaving Lakewood. In addition, the Cleveland Clinic closed Huron Road Hospital after telling the City of Cleveland it would not. Residents in Lakewood Buzz’s “Community Forum” want to learn more about the possibility that Lakewood Hospital could close and if any of the rumors are true. But unfortunately, so far, Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers and Lakewood Council members are keeping quiet about the City’s hospital operating agreement with the Cleveland Clinic, a top discussion in the forum.

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