Brelo, Cheap Gas, Single Beer Sales, Kent State Shootings, Cerino’s Restaurant Closed, Ashley Summers, Cleveland Clinic Plans to Close Lakewood Hospital, and National Politics Top the Buzz’s Forums

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — The Cleveland Clinic and Losing Lakewood Hospital, Brelo Verdict, Single Container Sales of Beer, Kent State Shootings, Local Restaurant Openings and Closings, Ashley Summers Still Missing, Vaccinations, and RTA are among the top Community Forum topics on Lakewood Buzz.

The possibility that the Cleveland Clinic — which operates Lakewood Hospital through an agreement with the City of Lakewood which owns it — could move hospital operations may’ve seemed remote when Buzzers first reported it two years ago. But it’s now a reality. (The Cleveland Clinic closed Huron Road Hospital after telling the City of Cleveland it would not.) Residents in Lakewood Buzz’s “Community Forum” want to learn more about the implications and fairness of the Cleveland Clinic’s latest Lakewood Hospital deal. But unfortunately, so far in Lakewood’s “Community Forum,” Mayor Mike Summers, Lakewood Council and Cleveland Clinic leaders are not sharing information in the forum’s top discussion.

These are the trending topics in the Community, Westshore Entrepreneur, and National forums today, plus the most recent Free Classifieds posted.